WorldCPx2: The fun never stops.Edit

WorldCPx2 (beta version) released at May 2012, with some users to beta test. The users included xPiex, iPad Jester, and more.

There was currently 3 stages.

  • Igloos + Puffles Stage
  • Reputation Stage
  • Marry/BFF Stage
  • Public Release Stage (Almost the end of May 2012)

Although Lake attempt to add Igloos + Puffles, Reputation, and Marry/BFF, it failed. Instead of saying that WorldCPx2 was advanced, he said it's just the fun CPPS.


WorldCPx2 - The fun CPPS in it's 4th stage - the public release.

WorldCPx2: The StaffEdit

Here is a quick list of the WorldCPx2 staff - please note: this is not the full staff list, some people are left over and was not in Lake's list.

  • Lake [Administrator, Coder, Owner]
  • xPiex [Administrator, Owner, Advertiser]
  • DarKy [Unknown Positon]
  • Kat [Unknown Position]

WorldCPx2: The Features & SourceEdit

It had some features to support gaming in the CPPS (such as Rock,Paper,Scissors) but it didn't support the regular features. The source was PEv2 with a lot of editing.

WorldCPx2: OtherEdit

WorldCPx2 was the first CPPS for Lake to get in CPPSHQ. Post is at

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