WorldCPv4: The party server.Edit

WorldCPv4, or another version of Midnight Star, was indeed a party CPPS. Had a party everyday from people who requested a party.


WorldCPv4, the party CPPS.

WorldCPv4: The Staff

Here is a quick list of the WorldCPv4 staff - please note: this is not the full staff list, some people are left over and was not in Lake's list.

  • Lake [Administrator, Coder, Owner]
  • Sandstar [Administrator, Owner]
  • Nathan [Administrator, Owner]
  • Vacrelio [Administrator, Owner]
  • stiggyz [Unknown Position]
  • Tybone10 [SWF Designer]
  • Andrea [Unknown Position]
  • Nikolaaa1 [Unknown Position]

WorldCPv4: The Features & SourceEdit

Technically since it is a WorldCP server, its source is PE_Public with a few minor edits and commands.

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