Lake is the creator of Lake Productions/Lake Interactive when WorldCPv2 went dead. He thinks that he needed more security and then made a company(like we said, "Lake Productions").


His appearance started at May 2011 on Quantum Media Studios forum. He made posts and trainers, and founded some people who will and contribute one of his first CPPS's (which was called xCPv1).

The people he found and told to contribute the CPPS's are -

  • Sandstar
  • Oreo

** (there is more but they are not seemed to be found anywhere anymore) **

About Lake?Edit

Well, if you know a Lake from, that's not him. This is another Lake, the coder. He doesn't seem to design SWFs that good.

His current information:

  • Race: Asian
  • Gender: Male
  • Name: Blake

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